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summerrolls craked rice beef salad


summerrolls sesame prawn & chicken salad


summerrolls banana blossom honey tofu salad

Cracked rice beef

Grilled lean beef, cucumber, red capsicum, spanish onion, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, coriander and herbs topped with fragrant roasted cracked rice. Recommended dressing: Lemongrass chilli

Sesame prawn

Juicy prawns tossed in a crunchy carrot, radish, cabbage and cucumber salad. This unique salad is lightly coated with sesame seed, Vietnamese mint and herbs. Recommended dressing: Chilli lime

Banana blossom & honey tofu

Featuring our original succulent mushroom-infused honey tofu, this salad is brimmed with mixed leaf lettuce, capsicum, coriander, mint and banana blossom. Recommended dressing: Lemongrass

Grilled pork vermicelli

Herb-crusted grilled lean pork mixed in soft rice vermicelli, crispy iceberg lettuce, carrot julienne, sprouts, herbs and optional peanut. Recommended dressing: Vietnamese

Vermicelli chicken

Chicken breast fillet slices are spiced with a hint of fried shallot and Asian herbs and layered on fresh iceberg lettuce, carrot julienne and bean sprouts. Recommended dressing: Vietnamese

Pork & prawn new!

Grilled lean pork and prawns in fresh rice vermicelli, carrot and radish julienne and sprouts topped with red cabbage and herbs. Recommended dressing: Chilli lime

special menu

Spicy seafood & glass vermicelli

Grilled marinated seafood mixed with clear vermicelli, Chinese celery, cherry tomatoes and fresh Thai chilli slices. Recommended dressing: Chilli lime

Grilled chicken & quail egg

Special grilled chicken and hard boiled quail eggs, beetroots, snow peas, bean sprouts on a bed of fresh mixed salads and sprouts. Recommended dressing: Lemongrass



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