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pho noodle soup in sydney


veggies noodle soup   winter veggies noodle soup   sukhothai noodle soup   pho beef (bo) noodle soup

veggies only

Freshly blanched winter veggies in our delicious Vietnamese chicken-based soup. With no noodles, this meal is perfect for the carb-conscious soup lovers.



winter veggies pho

Contains fresh rice noodles and at least five winter veggies to give you a nutritious boost. Healthy and flavoursome, this chicken stock soup is garnished with crunchy sprouts and fried shallots.


sukhothai noodle soup

Summerrolls' original Vietnamese-Thai fusion noodle soup, SK is a strongly flavoured, spicy clear soup. It's topped with chicken breast fillet, cabbage, sprouts, herbs and peanuts.


pho beef (bo)

Vietnam's national dish, pho beef (bò) is fresh rice noodles in a fragrant clear soup. Layered with lean beef slices, onion and fresh herbs, this soup is low-fat and extremely tasty.

pho chicken (ga) noodle soup   soy chicken noodle soup   pho prawn (tom) noodle soup   roasted duck noodle soup

pho chicken (ga)

A Southern Vietnamese variation of the beef noodle soup, this dish (pho gà) uses only premium sliced chicken breast fillet - it has to be one of our healthiest and tastiest dish on offer!


soy chicken noodle soup
A fragrant peppery soy sauce style noodle soup topped with chicken breast fillet, celery and bok choy.


pho prawn (tom)

A generous serving of large prawns (tôm) over our popular pho broth makes up this delicious seafood option. It's served with blanched veggies and brimmed with fresh herbs and sprouts.


vietnamese roasted duck noodle soup

Packed full of spices and taste, this soup is tender duck fillet with bok choy, celery, sprouts in our soy sauce style soup.


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